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When it comes to tunes, I LOVE me some good sound design and exotic rhythms.
DM me for some quick track breakdowns and if you have any questions about music production.

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New Look!

Posted by SynchroSpectre - October 27th, 2011

Iv'e decided to join the art portal. Because I think my works that I created when I was bored in Photoshop must be praised. Brushes aren't really considered cheating, if you create a special works and graphical object to make the brush stand out (it just means that you use effects)

I also gave my self a more simpler look, style and color (from red to blue), reason is, is that I'm starting to get bored of my old looks and I looks more distracting every time I go on to see my songs. I had this great idea to make use of my free time in my digital graphics class by using their Photoshop, so I'm starting to use the Photoshop from my school since the old blue computer is destroyed by a dumb person thinking that "NTLDR" is a virus file. There's no rule against that so why not!

Also, I have a little mean version of me scouring around the audio portal to infect other works of the desperate :o, no really, "ViRaX-RMiXeR", will be me, just a account that I will use to Remix other songs. My brother will also b using "ViRaX", because I don't want him to nose around my profile and mess things up.

I've also made this little thingy for me when i was bored, It's my official picture and representation of me.

New Look!

Comments (4)

Your representation of yourself is a million dollar remote controlled robot that runs so slow you cover about 20 feet a day, run off the sun, and looks at rocks all day?

Uh, duh, what do you think I do all day...

Amazing, I'm just baffled by how people can create such brilliant illustrations. I really wish I can be this good one day. Truly inspirational.

It kind of looks like you just vectorized an image, applied a sepia tone, and add a layer of grunge...

YES!!! That's what I did!

lol your audio's score dropped so much

I sorta deserved it