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SynchroSpectre's News

Posted by SynchroSpectre - October 9th, 2021

𝕆𝕦𝕥𝕤𝕚𝕕𝕖 𝕀𝕟

'𝐓𝐡𝐞 𝐰𝐡𝐨𝐥𝐞 𝐰𝐨𝐫𝐥𝐝 𝐠𝐨𝐞𝐬 𝐨𝐮𝐭𝐬𝐢𝐝𝐞 𝐢𝐧...

...𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐈𝐧𝐬𝐢𝐝𝐞 𝐬𝐞𝐞𝐬 𝐚𝐧𝐝 𝐡𝐞𝐚𝐫𝐬 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐫𝐚𝐢𝐧'

Introducing the 'Outside In' project which was SOO CRAZY fun to work on. It has two sides: the 'ℵ-𝐒𝐈𝐃𝐄' contains the collaborative music material with drum performances from Raney Incan and goes with that "whole-world-goes-outside-in" phrase, and 'ζ-𝐒𝐈𝐃𝐄' relates to my little after-effects side project at which I discovered something cool with radial-lines (which I should make a video explaining that). Below will be the press release for the whole thing


The music is available to stream/download everywhere even on Audius, Newgrounds, Beatport, and more!

Stream/Download! ⫸



'Outside In' is a collaboration track between SynchroSpectre & Raney Incan about the relationship between one's qualia and the direction of time (Einstein Light-Cone). The chords represent time while the lead represents space. Drum performances are done by Raney while production is done by me.


Available on Bandcamp ⫸

᠅ 'Black-Field' Outside In Art.PNG

᠅ Full Mock-Vinyl Cover Art.PNG

᠅ SynchroSpectre & Raney Incan - Outside In.WAV

Big thanks to Raney for the collab! Go check out his EP 'Placeholder' tis pretty cool


𝐑𝐚𝐧𝐞𝐲 𝐈𝐧𝐜𝐚𝐧 ⫸

● Follow on SoundCloud


● Bandcamp


● Instagram



4 Unique NFTs dropping Oct.10 on rarible.com with bonuses to download. Radial-line points or 'quarks' overlap with each other creating sets of eccentric circles that appear to be like electric/magnetic fields. All quarks are hue-shifted across the spectrum to reveal the geometry and phase of the overlapping that occurs. Watch the 'gluons' change colors complementary to their quarks. Very cool stuff so get your baryons while they last!


NFTs dropping on Rarible.com on Oct.10 ⫸

᠅ Four 2000x2000 Animated GIFs

᠅ Extras includes components of the animation



Here's a WIP of some of them down below!


Very cool stuff so get your baryons while they last!

Anyways guys, thanks so much for the support lately even though I haven't been active, it really means a lot to me. 'Outside In' as a whole represented something that I've always been thinking about since I was a kid and now I'm able to express that as an artistic project. I've learned to just do what I wanna do and just make and design projects the way I would direct a project and I did. Huuuuge thanks to my friend Raney Incan for collabing on the project! Hope you guys enjoy!



Posted by SynchroSpectre - May 20th, 2021

Wow, what a fucking journey. Last month marks my 11th year making music in general, but now this account is 10 years old!

If you guys didn't already know, I am an experimental electronic music producer that tries to make tracks that no one has ever heard before. Lately, I've been trying to make my sound design original and try to make my own basses. However, when it comes to organic instruments or natural-sounding drums I do rely on samples; royalty-free of course (;

I've gotten a DistroKid and started pushing my music to streaming platforms such as Spotify and Apple Music instead of being a kid uploading to just Newgrounds and SoundCloud lol.

Bottom-Third of High Roller (Shit can't fit all at once lmfao)


Do As You Please






I've released so many new tracks in the last few months. My latest release 'High Roller' is a collaborative effort made with a good friend of mine that goes by the name 'WhiteFire'. It's a sick 6-minute drum & bass track with multiple parts to enjoy, so go check it out!

Stream/Download ➞


Official visualizer on YouTube ➞


I've started to release singles now instead of planning 4-6 track EPs because goddamn, just making one track takes like 3-4 months. Each single was like a journey to create and I feel like each one deserves their own album art ha.


And yes, I do have a back catalog I've been trying to push out and complete. I've got three collaboration tracks and three other original ones to finish. I've got some artworks here to show what's coming c;


The visual aspect of my work has been fun too, I've been incorporating the Photoshop layers from the album arts into After Effects and try to make a unique-ish cover background compared to the actual cover art. With High Roller, there is a horizontal version of the Spotify canvas. Coincidentally, the clips change in sync with the song so that was interesting.


Spotify has this cool thing where you can make 'canvases' where it's these like GIF loops that play on the Spotify player. I've made one for Vanillamoon and High Roller and I plan on making more for the older tracks as well.


So yeah, there's that once-in-a-blue-moon news post from me. Be sure to check out my stuff on the streaming platforms and on Audius it really helps! 'Buying' (donating lol) my tracks on Bandcamp also helps tremendously. The support I have received (or lack thereof) has kept me going and try to push into the music industry as a legit artist. Anyways, thank you guys so much for checking out my stuff since I was called rover lmfao.

- josh



Posted by SynchroSpectre - June 28th, 2018

SynchroSpectre - "In Many Ways" EP

Out now for FREE on Bandcamp ➞


Download Here


Listen to the EP on SoundCloud


I haven't posted much on Newgrounds these past 2 years and I feel bad for leaving my fans behind for so long. But now I have more time to work on more tracks. I'm relieved to get this released so soon; the other albums have tracks that are really hard to produce so right now this is all I can give. Download the EP now on Bandcamp with the link above. The best part is that the songs are already available to listen on Newgrounds!



1. Abeyance ➞

2. In Many Ways ➞



Posted by SynchroSpectre - May 25th, 2015


Well guys, it's been 5 years since I started this path in my career; 5 years of doing what I love. That ranges from Music Producing, Graphic Designing, Fashion Designing and some business stuff. I'm going to have ALOT to say since it's been a full year of stuff that I want to say; I mean it was a pretty eventful year...

Extra Normal Sound Charges


Wow, finally, the album that I made like in 9th grade is now finsihed right before I graduate. This is the fourth (technically first) album I've ever made with blood, sweat and tears; 15 songs created through my entire high school. It started out when I made Close to Sunrise and it sound so professional compared to my earlier works that I just had to make an album out of it. I told my self, "I'll put 15 songs into it and make it the best album I will ever make". During the time of the creation of the creation of the album, I started to gain lots of knowledge of my DAW, how sound works, and the art of music itself. It feels so good to finally reach the end and kept the promise of releasing it during my 5th Year post. Also guys, I played around with the album names, especially the length (look at Parabola then Rising Again), it only works on certain fonts though. Also, you guys have been giving me critiques in NG and that helped alot during the making. So thanks so much guys for the help and (somewhat lol) support and I hope you would get this album!

RoVeR 04 - Extra Normal Sound Charges Tracklist

01 Between the Horizon II
02 Close to Sunrise
03 Sparking Ideas
04 Outdoor Bliss
05 Arenaceous
06 Caliginous
07 Parabola
08 Rising Again
09 Moonlit Dream
10 Blazed Night Sky
11 Technicolor Lattice
12 Some Chocolate Dust
13 A Timeless Redemption
14 The Six Tales of the Orient
15 Extra Normal Sound Charges




Hey, guess what else came out this year. Yep, FL  Studio 12. I've been using FL Studio 10 since it came out and I've gotten so used to it. It was a nice switch from FL9 to FL10 becuase it had more features and a smoother workflow. However, when FL11 came out, I thought it was shit. Why? Was it becuase of weird useless features, the useless extra samples? No, they were actually good adds: It was becuase they got rid of the Legacy Pattern Blocks. They were the only things that I used. If I did use the Playlist, then I used the pattern for drums patterns for the purpose of neat organization, but nooo... They got rid of it. So becuase of that I told my self that I would stick with FL10 to the very end. But then...


This is pretty much a showcase, I guess, of FL12 and my non-ENSC songs. FL12 came in with a new GUI and it was sexy as hell. I loved the pattern blocks but then again, FL10 was getting pretty old. So it was either GUI or Pattern Blocks. And... I'm guessing what you guys might have thought.


FL12 has the SEXIEST mixer I've ever seen and it's complex like a 20 sided Rubix Cube. There's so many ways that you can organize this and the shortcuts and buttons have been made really smoothly and the UI is just the most beautiful thing I've ever seen!


For now I'm growing out of my good ol' Legacy Patten Blocks and getting used to the workspace and workflow of FL12, I bet the jump for FL11 to FL12 for some artists and producers was still pretty big, instead for me I had the bigger change of getting a hot-as-hell UI. Thanks Image-Line, you da best.

The Art Portal?

So very, very sorry guys. I haven't been active to the Art Portal for a while. School has been driving me nuts, telling me that I need to go to college to pursue my "dreams". Well fuck that. Anyways, I wanna get more into art. "I mean, I have that perfectionalistic(?) minset when it comes to art, music, and design, so why not get into it?" I said during my time in 10th grade. I've always admired those sci-fi pictures with the vision of the artists imagination of the very distant future and that was what wanted me to make that kind of art. Also, I'm an anime watcher and manga reader, so I apreciate artwork created for that. I have a crap ton of anime pics (with some soft-core hentai pics) on my phone for reference when I wanted to learn. I mastered the eye on my first try (which was so dumb, 'cause I thought that the eye was the most complicated part) and that gave me the confidence to move on forward. Soon, I'll be able to post that work here on NG. Also, I do alot of logowork, like I pratice making badass logos inspired by some Photoshop tutorials (By the way, little advice guys, look at tutorials for inspiration, idea and the workflow of the program and the vision that the artist is trying to get out of it; don't copy it or use the same exact style every time) and they look amazing (IMO, I mean for an amateur, it's pretty damn good).

These are logos from my make-believe book (just for myself)...


Arcania!! IV: The Kingdom of Ascillia - I didn't make that background pic; I made that logo in the centre with the texture and everything...


DURA-SORA 2: Death Stride - I made the two planets, the planet atmosphere/fire thing, the logo with the texture and the subtitle; the only think I didn't make is the stars in the back, that's pretty much it.This was mostly a Star Defender 3 or 4 inspired logo and I think this was pretty badass...

The SS Project

Well, I wanna talk about the SS project thing and about RoVeR. I think you guys heard A Midnight Dream (SS), that was my first song as Synchro Spectre (that's what SS means) and I thought it was pretty good.

The main reason why I'm changing my name from RoVeR to Synchro Spectre was becuase rover was too common of a name. I bet there's like 20 artists with that name. So I had to change it to a somewhat rare one. The name Synchro Spectre might sound a little try hard or childish but that name is related to my personal storybook about a boy and his dreams so I wanted that to be my name.

So my final decision for RoVeR, is to stop at RoVeR 08; make only eight albums. Since I'm getting better over time, I decided that my time as RoVeR would prepare me for the comercial world of the music industry. I want to learn every apect of music until my very last RoVeR album.

My expected plans -

RoVeR 05A Genues - Uplifting/Old Fashioned Trance
RoVeR 05B Sinue - Progressive Trance (like the real one)
RoVeR 06 InfraSonic - Deep House
RoVeR 07 Photon Faction - House Complextro or Synthpop
RoVeR 08 Infinity - Drum and Bass

By then I should be a pro and be ready to go into the music business. So farewell to RoVeR


I've set up some websites tied with my music. I have a page on bandcamp now and have a pretty good SoundCloud page. there's also YouTube channel that I don't particularly pay attention too, I've been using Adobe After Effects to make the bars things so you don't have to look at a picture for 5 mins. Aannnddd, there's a google plus, which is my most unattended page of all; I don't even pay attention to that, so if you guys follow then I guess I do stuff there :l

Here's the links -

SoundCloud - https://soundcloud.com/roverdude58

YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQ--51z6pSwMX5aiuFVIhtA

BandCamp - https://roverdude58.bandcamp.com/releases


Thank you guys for visiting me sometime and for those who are kinda new to me, I suck lol, so watch me get better as I go along, it'll be pretty fun. I don't know NG much and I don't much of anything about what I'm going to do. I'm basically taking this head on and hope for the best.

So RoVeR is going bye bye, Anime pics are going to be spammed into the Art Portal, hmm what else... and 5 future albums comming out. That's pretty much it. I'm not very popular here on NG so I don't do like 1 post every month; noooo I won't do that, I just make one every year so I don't spam posts hard.

Also, one of my friends have a page here on NG. His unername is VXStryker so feel free to check him out when he puts out more content.

Other than that, thanks so much to the guys who follow me and the people who just reviewed on my tracks. More will soon come...

Where are you XsToRmEr1?

Posted by SynchroSpectre - July 29th, 2014

[25 May 2014] supposed to be... stupid josh >.<


29 July 2014


Well then, I completly forgot about my musical birthday (25 May), but oh well. We'll be talking about about many things in this post incuding a sorry for not posting in a while and maybe a name change. So lets get talking shall we?

(I took time to edit this post; trying to shorten it. It came out three pages long in Word -.-)


The SS Project - Name Changes 

I remeber why I picked the name RoVeR. Well one reason was becuase certain letters in it when capitalized creates an intresting style. But no, the real reason is becuase of my deep love for space. However "Rover" is a pretty general name don't you think? I'm pretty sure other people might have picked it and I don't think any capitalization would let me through anyways. So I decided on a name change, I'm not telling you just yet but it has to do something with a story in my head I've been keeping since childhood. This name change will also affect the art name so goodbye to AuraFlaKes and RoVeR.

There are also more goodies in The SS Project, I'll be making an excusive post for this project ;)

(It may not sound like I'm sad but it's really depressing to me ;-;)


RoVeR - Music

Yea, sorry for not posting in a while. I was busy with school and it's so frustrating when people don't leave you alone to give you a calm positive atmosphere. I'm really, REALLY sorry, to make up for it, I'm going to spam the shizzle on the Audio Portal with songs, good songs. RoVeR will still be around until the Trilogy series (BLUR, SHIFT and FUSION), Genues, A Day's Worth, and ENSC, are fnished. So we won't be seeing "SS" for now till maybe 2016. I'll be speaking about the albums in a later post; the post would get to long.


Well that's it, I just wanted to let you guys know that I'm still an active user. So I'll leave you here with a playlist of my uploaded videos on YouTube.

Where are you XsToRmEr1? ;c

Posted by SynchroSpectre - September 14th, 2013

I usually just post every year on my birthday but this is something you should probably know. It's been a while since I've checked up the other colonies my creations reside on other than NG and things are starting to look a bit rusty.

So... I started tidying up a bit on my YouTube channel by re-uploading and adding new HD videos with audio quality as high as 320kbps, and add playlists and put up some new designs to catch up with the new YouTube channel design. The videos now have links to the wallpapers, NG webpage, SoundCloud and the song itself and a little link to the channel. All of this is to catch up and expand more to the listeners. I don't really see the point in subscribing to the channel as there is already the NG news-feed, but feel free to, I might see it and subscribe back.

Here's the link to the YouTube channel http://www.youtube.com/user/JoshRVR58

SoundCloud had a bit of cleaning up to do as well, I added a few new artworks and about to get premium. I'm still trying to figure why the sound quality sounds pretty low. But aside from that these are only the first steps to broaden out to the community.

SoundCloud Link - https://soundcloud.com/roverdude58

The NG page seems fine to me, but I'll start arranging things differently to show the high priority stuff up and the random stuff in the bottom while still maintaining a organized and cool look. Also, I plan to close the ENSC album soon and release the preview mix from it and with it the whole Trilogy album series when FUSION is done.

Making music is hard, but it can be really fun and easy if you love it -

Expanding a bit more...

Posted by SynchroSpectre - May 25th, 2013

25 May 2013 - It has been three years since I've made my first song on FL Studio 8, and here I am now, with FLS11. 2 years ago almost all my old songs were deleted due to a virus in my old computer. About ago, my father bought a laptop with was much faster than my netbook and can actually use FLS without the popping delay and lag. Today, I'm studying other genres and subgenres of electronic music and actually considering making an album that I'll actually make money out of.

I've picked up new equipment along the way. I got a phone for the first time and I could actually use it as an mp3 and I could use it as an amp. I also got a new pair of headphones which I believe is called the Bose AE2? They are amazing and it fits so well on my head it feels like my ears are held in clouds. The Bose QC15's noise cancelling ability is kind of pointless because the AE2 can do that already. I can barely hear my mom screaming at me to eat dinner. The AE2 sounds really good, it has a good, balanced and not overpowered bass unlike other headphones *cough*beats*cough* I think my other speakers work as well while making music too, it fills my house with music. I could just have my albums played through those speakers all day long.

Speaking of albums, ENSC is only 6 songs less to being complete. If you haven't noticed, in certain fonts, the title of the tracks makes what seems to be half of a hyperbola, or a flipped parabola. The hints to that are actually the songs Parabola and Rising again. The name if the last track is going to be the name of the album itself, which is pretty long. It was made last because I know the last one is going to be made with a more experienced version of me and I want it to be the best and finally complete this thing.

FUSION, my first drum and bass album is part the trilogy of albums that I have made since the start. So far, sadly, there are only four songs in it. Drum and bass is a hard genre to work with, well for me. It's really different compared to trance because the reverb style is more "in" than "out" and the drums are punchy and loud, which breaks every rule I made to making trance as it will create several mastering issues with volume and balancing. FUSION is part of the first trilogy, so it's supposed to be a beginner-ish album so it will match up with BLUR and SHIFT, and that really annoys me and what really annoys me is when I make the song and it ends up being too good or too bad for my taste.

I've gotten quite far, in future times if I were to look back into my past, the memories would seem like forever. The attention I got from NG was more than I expected, I'm only a beginner and I seek help form more experience artists, I really want to get better. I'm almost 18, I don't want to be a noob when I get there.

Also follow me at Soundcloud, idk the audio sounds weird there but just go :c

3rd Year

Posted by SynchroSpectre - May 30th, 2012

May 25 was the last day of my school, it was also the end of the second year of making music.

Yeah, awesome, I didn't get a chance to do something in this site for a while because school was a bit time consuming, so I didn't have any time to make anything like art or audio and I was listening to VOCALOID for a while (most of you trance artists should know that if you listen to one of these your creativity in music would be paralyzed). I wonder how my 3rd year would be, wish me luck.

During the summer, plan to drop music for a bit and start playing games and hopefully, post a crappy gaming video on Youtube. The channel is called OmniTurd and the logo is @$!%$^@#$^%& hard to make, I don't have any materials, I only have Fraps and that's pretty much it.

I also got around making my thingy, whatever you call it, my musical name in Photoshop. I've always imagined it like that, LOLOL, but I'll use as a little signature in the bottom for some of my art.

2 Years...

Posted by SynchroSpectre - October 27th, 2011

Iv'e decided to join the art portal. Because I think my works that I created when I was bored in Photoshop must be praised. Brushes aren't really considered cheating, if you create a special works and graphical object to make the brush stand out (it just means that you use effects)

I also gave my self a more simpler look, style and color (from red to blue), reason is, is that I'm starting to get bored of my old looks and I looks more distracting every time I go on to see my songs. I had this great idea to make use of my free time in my digital graphics class by using their Photoshop, so I'm starting to use the Photoshop from my school since the old blue computer is destroyed by a dumb person thinking that "NTLDR" is a virus file. There's no rule against that so why not!

Also, I have a little mean version of me scouring around the audio portal to infect other works of the desperate :o, no really, "ViRaX-RMiXeR", will be me, just a account that I will use to Remix other songs. My brother will also b using "ViRaX", because I don't want him to nose around my profile and mess things up.

I've also made this little thingy for me when i was bored, It's my official picture and representation of me.

New Look!

Posted by SynchroSpectre - May 30th, 2011

Well, I have the new FL studio 10, (not really), its actually the demo or beta. actually, I really don't know. Its been 2 months and its been working fine. For all you people who complain about not having the pattern blocks, I found out an option in the general info settings that says use pattern legacy blocks for those who still use the blocks. I really need those blocks because they are needed for drums or any repetitive patterns. Anyways, FL studio 10 is just awesome the new plugins are which I have no idea of using it, lately the only type of songs I make with it were only SHIFT songs, and to make it worse, I can't make "BLUR" style songs anymore.

Anyways I've been thinking of making Drum'n'Bass songs, and Jazz like songs. I haven't practiced that yet but I did manage to create a DnB song for Newgrounds, Its called "Water-Skipper." The catagory I put it in in was a new album called FUSION, and NO this is not the album pic.

I have FL Studio 10!!