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When it comes to tunes, I LOVE me some good sound design and exotic rhythms.
DM me for some quick track breakdowns and if you have any questions about music production.

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Posted by SynchroSpectre - May 30th, 2012

May 25 was the last day of my school, it was also the end of the second year of making music.

Yeah, awesome, I didn't get a chance to do something in this site for a while because school was a bit time consuming, so I didn't have any time to make anything like art or audio and I was listening to VOCALOID for a while (most of you trance artists should know that if you listen to one of these your creativity in music would be paralyzed). I wonder how my 3rd year would be, wish me luck.

During the summer, plan to drop music for a bit and start playing games and hopefully, post a crappy gaming video on Youtube. The channel is called OmniTurd and the logo is @$!%$^@#$^%& hard to make, I don't have any materials, I only have Fraps and that's pretty much it.

I also got around making my thingy, whatever you call it, my musical name in Photoshop. I've always imagined it like that, LOLOL, but I'll use as a little signature in the bottom for some of my art.

2 Years...

Comments (1)

Expand your creativity in the 4th year dude. really.
-i dont know you in personal or whatever
but i can smell potential talent from a far distance whenever i hear it.

you might need to learn allot but still,
looking at your age.. still pretty young, if the info tells the truth on your NG page.. lol.
so no worries and no pressure, if your going for it!

also dont be afraid to show your skillz or new skillz if you have 'm.
because there are some people who are afraid...
and its a shame to let that talent go to waste.

best of luck dude! and happy new year! (i little late but yea)

Thanks :D GL to you too and yes I'm 15 :) (I fell for Avi's age on NG btw XP)