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Posted by SynchroSpectre - May 25th, 2013

25 May 2013 - It has been three years since I've made my first song on FL Studio 8, and here I am now, with FLS11. 2 years ago almost all my old songs were deleted due to a virus in my old computer. About ago, my father bought a laptop with was much faster than my netbook and can actually use FLS without the popping delay and lag. Today, I'm studying other genres and subgenres of electronic music and actually considering making an album that I'll actually make money out of.

I've picked up new equipment along the way. I got a phone for the first time and I could actually use it as an mp3 and I could use it as an amp. I also got a new pair of headphones which I believe is called the Bose AE2? They are amazing and it fits so well on my head it feels like my ears are held in clouds. The Bose QC15's noise cancelling ability is kind of pointless because the AE2 can do that already. I can barely hear my mom screaming at me to eat dinner. The AE2 sounds really good, it has a good, balanced and not overpowered bass unlike other headphones *cough*beats*cough* I think my other speakers work as well while making music too, it fills my house with music. I could just have my albums played through those speakers all day long.

Speaking of albums, ENSC is only 6 songs less to being complete. If you haven't noticed, in certain fonts, the title of the tracks makes what seems to be half of a hyperbola, or a flipped parabola. The hints to that are actually the songs Parabola and Rising again. The name if the last track is going to be the name of the album itself, which is pretty long. It was made last because I know the last one is going to be made with a more experienced version of me and I want it to be the best and finally complete this thing.

FUSION, my first drum and bass album is part the trilogy of albums that I have made since the start. So far, sadly, there are only four songs in it. Drum and bass is a hard genre to work with, well for me. It's really different compared to trance because the reverb style is more "in" than "out" and the drums are punchy and loud, which breaks every rule I made to making trance as it will create several mastering issues with volume and balancing. FUSION is part of the first trilogy, so it's supposed to be a beginner-ish album so it will match up with BLUR and SHIFT, and that really annoys me and what really annoys me is when I make the song and it ends up being too good or too bad for my taste.

I've gotten quite far, in future times if I were to look back into my past, the memories would seem like forever. The attention I got from NG was more than I expected, I'm only a beginner and I seek help form more experience artists, I really want to get better. I'm almost 18, I don't want to be a noob when I get there.

Also follow me at Soundcloud, idk the audio sounds weird there but just go :c

3rd Year


Hello,can you please make more art,you're a great artist :P

lol, idk, i'll see what I can do...

so now that you have a bit of renewed equipment e.g headphone from Bose,
we can expect better sounding songs from you? :P

Kinda, I like the quality in music, but it depends on how you mix it :s

jajajaja, hola!